When Juliana gets far enough away, she burns her car and hides. Burn Gorman The Marshal 2 episodes, John Smith is the only high-ranking Nazi official to be suspicious of the nature of Heusmann’s sudden announcement. Sarah Hayward Floor Manager 1 episode, However, Frank aborts the mission when he discovers that the Japanese are secretly building an nuclear bomb there. Robyn Bradley Jewish Attendee 4 1 episode,

Tagomi attempts to mend his alternate self’s relationship with his family, and is dismayed by the alternate Noriyuke’s forgoing of the Japanese culture. Jennifer Oleksiuk ND Hostess 2 1 episode, Forbes Angus Hotel Manager 1 episode, Frank is tasked to plant a bomb at the harbor, where General Onoda is visiting. Smith later learns of the tape and takes it to protect Thomas’ secret. New to the Series? Bradley Fujimoto Aikido student uncredited 1 episode,

Meanwhile, Juliana returns home to find an angry Frank, who alludes to his time in hsow. Retrieved 4 July Danny Swanson Bus Driver 1 episode, The Complete Winners List”. Ryan Jinn Japanese Soldier 1 episode, They kill Frank’s sister and her two children in retaliation, using their Jewish heritage as an excuse for their executions.

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Daisuke Nakagawa Kempeitai Officer Embassy 1 episode, The honor belongs to September 18, Full Review…. Kaniehtiio Horn Gina 2 episodes, Pippa Mackie Coat Check Girl 1 episode, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Nobusuke Tagomi 21 episodes, Wegener says goodbye to his family and travels to Hitler’s alpine castle, filmed at Hohenwerfen Castle.

Gabrielle Rose Frau Silvia 4 episodes, Geoffrey Blake as Doc. Cara Mitsuko Sarah 6 episodes, TCA15″ Tweet — via Twitter.

Finally resolved to stop war between Ln and the Nazis, Tagomi takes the film and returns to his reality. Meanwhile, Juliana evades Gary and Lem and tries to convince her parents to leave San Francisco, to no avail. Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Carmen Mikkelsen Emily Crothers 3 episodes, More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

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Her boyfriend, Frank Frink—who keeps his Jewish roots hidden to avoid extradition and death at the hands of the Nazis —believes that the newsreel has no relation to real-life events.

Yoshida discovers Ed and Childan but lets them go.

Summer Action Movie Edition. Adler to keep their son’s illness a secret. Lini Evans Nightclub Singer 1 episode, A gunfight ensues between the Resistance members and the Japanese soldiers.

Christina Schell Dancer 2 episodes, Juliana is left concerned that she may have caused the nuclear catastrophe that she has been trying to prevent. Eric Banerd Nazi Security Guard 3 episodes, Gerald Adler 2 episodes, Art Kitching Abwehr Officer 1 episode, Forbes Angus Hotel Manager 1 episode, Gracyn Shinyei Amy Smith 13 man in the high castle tv show cast, Callum Keith Rennie Gary Connell 10 episodes, Juliana decides to travel there in Trudy’s place to find out what her half-sister’s mission was.

Also, the costumes and set designs are incredibly well-done, creating a unique look and feel for the series. Julian Lao Japanese Soldier 1 episode, Wolf Muser Adolf Hitler 4 episodes,